About Us

Mr. Kapildeo Bhagat started independent consultancy practice in 1960, first in his own name, and later in 1993 in the name of Sudha Technical Consultants (STC) in the field of Civil and Structural Engineering, keeping in view the demand of the construction industry in India and also to provide consultancy services to neighbouring countries.


Consultancy, in the context of developing country, is a complex phenomenon which demands an organization adept at meeting the vastly different and rapidly changing urban and rural requirements. It also requires proficiency in fusing the age old construction methods with modern techniques while fully preserving the craftsman and his traditional skill.


The wide spectrum of Projects Completed and in hand aptly demonstrate that the group in the last 20 years has been able to achieve flexibility and proficiency in meeting the demands at developing countries.


The activities of the group has been challenging and diverse involving varied projects, ranging from residential, commercial and utility buildings to multidisciplined heavy industries, large span structures, air and surface transport facilities. The group has designed a number of large span structures.


Our team has over twenty two years of experience gained by being associated with a variety of civil and structural engineering projects in India and abroad. We are ably supported by associates and engineers with 5 to 15 years of experience – a highly competent and technically proficient group of engineers with a willingness to explore and adapt innovative ideas.


Every member of the staff keeps abreast with the latest developments in the field of analysis, design, construction materials and construction techniques.